Too Controversial For Al Jazeera TV

Too Controversial For Al Jazeera TV

What never ceases to amaze me is how people are complicit with injustice. I don’t talk about my case on this blog because it is extremely hurtful, shame filled, and humiliating what the press did to me because of who my case involved. And I am not bitter, just so sad that I could not speak for myself and that I served four and a half years and I know my truth, as do the people involved.

Right now there is this hubbub because our President (and I absolutely adore him—Haters don’t even go there with me this is my blog) went to visit a federal prison in Oklahoma. Prison reform is all the rage this week. However, did not reach out to me about prison reform, we have been working on the article for about a month. When they first found my blog they complimented my writing and asked if I would be interested in writing for their organization, and the article just spilled out of me.

After some vetting and decision-making, agreed to publish me, not because of the reason I went to prison or for how long. The staff recognizes that the important part of my story is my suffering and struggles while incarcerated: how prison officers, administrators, psychology staff and inmates abused me. The point of my story is that there is not even an ounce of rehabilitation and in fact prison officials at every level tried to tear me down and the wounds of my incarceration continue to weep.

Today, I received a call from a non-profit that works with DC female Returning Citizens. They informed me that Al Jazeera TV (which I actually used to watch) was trying to find a Returning Citizen to interview, someone who knew first hand the dehumanizing conditions of prison. With permission my name was given. The producer called me and I sent her to the article. However, she knew my real name and I had to tell her my story. She was like, “Great. Great. This is what we are looking for.” Then she said, “We will send a car for you tomorrow at 4:30. Get your hair and make-up done and lead off with your story. It will air tomorrow night at 11:00.”

Later, the producer called back and asked for more clarity of my story. I don’t know if it is the fact that I am queer or the fact that my case involves a situation that would call into question the entire DC local judicial system. I really do not care.

What pisses the hell out of me is that these assholes came looking for someone “like me” and the organization they contacted knows how well I present and how compelling the issues are that I raise. What makes me want to scream is that they have the audacity to tell me the I am “Too controversial for Al Jazeera TV.” And putting myself out there is still painful and terrifying.

Fact: I’m not too controversial for you Al Jazeera TV. I’m too Precious! If you want honesty, truth telling and soul speak then please come looking for me. Otherwise, as Salt-N-Pepa say, “Either treat me right or just step-step.”

Al Jazeera TV you have just been left swiped, “I hate to be ya”!

Amme Voz