An Open Letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton from Taylar Nuevelle

Dear All,

I haven’t updated this space in a while as I have been posting for my blog that will becom a part of my soon to be launched website and I’m writing under  my real name. As I move forward with advocating for criminal justice reform for women and building a Trauma Informed Justice System, I have to be willing to shed my cloak of shame so that other women like me will begin to stand up and speak out.

I posted an Open Letter to Ms. Rodham Clinton. You can follow this short link or visit

The Spring and Summer were very emotionally painful for me. However, I  moved again, to a lovely building and the space is just perfect for me. I also published another Op-Ed piece in the Washington Post and a Blog for the Vera Institute The former got me fired (although my boss encouraged me to write it she got in trouble and through me under the bus, but no worries as we have an amazing Office of  Human Rights here in DC and I have a lot of support from a community of advocates and lawyers) and the piece for Vera has enabled me to move forward and I have been receiving offers for paid speaking engagements and for publications that will start in 2017.

You can also find me on Facebook under Taylar Nuevelle and twitter @taylarnuevelle

May the peace be with you all,

Taylar Nuevelle (aka Amme Voz)




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